Chalky White
Probably Harlem
Acts like he's 2

Chalky White (played by Michael Kenneth Williams), is the unofficial leader of the African-American community in Atlantic City.


Chalky is brought in to replace Mickey Doyle as the head of Nucky's bootlegging affairs after Doyle's arrest by Nelson Van Alden and other Prohibition agents. Chalky's operation takes the whiskey that Nucky has smuggled across the Canadian border, distills it and repackages it, allowing Nucky to get 3000 bottles out of the initial 500. After discussion - and Nucky's confusion at Chalky's use of the word "motherfucker" - they settle on a 65-35 split of the profits. As the operation gets under way, Chalky leaves his warehouse to find the words "Liquor Kills" carved into his Packard - and his chauffeur Kendall lynched outside the building. Anxious to avoid a race war in an election year, Nucky says they need to cover this up and make it look like a shooting by a jealous husband - a move requiring Eli to shoot the man's body. Chalky bitterly consents, but insists the deal is now a 50-50 split.


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"These here my daddy's tools."

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