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"Wikians are some of the most creative, smart, and basically insane (in a good way), people I know"
—Sena (aka Xean)

Simply put, you guys are awesome. You come up with amazing and interesting things all the time. Your wikis are an inspiration to other wikis, other users, and Wikia staff. You should be proud of the amazing things you create, and you should share them with the world!

We're proud of the things you do on wikis, and we often share links with one another from our favorite finds. Today, we've collected a sampling of the cool stuff communities have done below. This isn't all of them, and we're sure we've missed a bunch, so feel free to add your own finds in the comments below!

  • Featuring content on the main page helps your community find their way around. Check out the interesting treatment for a Featured Article/Featured Image on Songpedia.
  • Sliders are a great way to highlight content. Have you seen this awesome example by Dragon Age Wiki?
  • Spoilers are a bummer and ruin your day, but Survivor Wiki has a solution.
  • We are the experts on our topics, so why shouldn't we host our own awards? Take a look at the Vampire Diaries Wiki's awards.
  • We don't stop at wikis, we create content everywhere! Have you seen the video by the Pirates Online Players Wiki? Take a look.
  • Often times, new folks mean well but don't do well. Assasin's Creed Wiki created their apprentice training program to help solve this problem.
  • Don't you wish you could BE your favorite character. The Hunger Games Wiki gets it. That's why they have role-playing blogs.
  • Sometimes, it's easier to get things done when you can talk them out. Plus, teamwork is more fun when you can actually communicate directly with your team, CoDferences on the Call of Duty Wiki give editors a chance to meet one another and talk about the wiki.
  • There are lots of different ways to do something rad with images on your wiki. Spanish Saints Row 2 totally gets that (even if you can’t read Spanish, scroll down and watch the brick wall in the background of the picture...whoa!).

Like I mentioned above, this is by no means a comprehensive list. Has your wiki done something unique, or have you seen anything cool on other communities? Put your finds in the comments below!

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